Winter in Texas

Normally, the temps in Texas are quite moderate to downright hot in the winter.  I have seen it get near 100 in February.  However, the Nino’s are affecting the weather in the US and it has been cool to even cold thus far with more snow than I can ever remember.

Christmas eve saw almost 10 inches of snow fall in Wichita Falls.  This past Sunday (Jan 3) I was riding back to WF from San Antonio and there were pockets of snow still on the ground.  I have never seen it stay this long!  The temps just haven’t rebounded like usual!

Now, we are expecting a major COLD front to blow through Wednesday night.  The forecasters are saying that the temps may not rise above freezing for 2-3 days.  Now, I realize for people like me who have lived in Kazakhstan during the winter or lived up north where it gets cold, that those temps don’t seem too bad.  However, for people in the sun belt, these temps will be downright cold.

I know that northerners will laugh at us for all the complaining that will be done due to the cold temps.  However, Southerners tend to laugh at northerners for all the complaining they do when the temps hit 90 in the summer.  So there is a trade-off.  Guess it depends which temp you like the best.

It reminds me of the conversation I had recently with my cousin’s wife.  They live in Ohio and my cousin is tired of the long winters there.  He would like to move south.  However, a few years ago, while visiting Round Rock, TX, they endured a severe thunderstorm with a potential tornado.  Now, his wife won’t even consider moving here, nevermind that the odds of being killed in a tornado are like 1 in 2 million!  Odds are better for getting killed in a car crash, but I don’t see her walking to work! 🙂

So, we Texans will hit the grocery stores today and tomorrow to stock up on milk and bread like it was Y2K again.  I just hope the bread doesn’t mold before I can eat it all…