Winter wonderland

The lowest temperature thus far this winter is -31 F.  While that is REALLY low, it happened at night while sleeping… 🙂

While it is somewhat of a hassle to have to dress in layers everyday if one has plans to go out, I can only say that I have been really cold only on a couple of occasions.  Before my first trip here in 2005, Luda, a secretary in our office in Kyiv said that there was little humidity here and so it doesn’t seem so cold.  I didn’t believe her.

Well, I think she is right.  There were days while in Kyiv in December that seemed colder than what I have seen in Karaganda.

The BIGGEST plus is that the sun shines here so much more than in Kyiv.  Even when it is sooo cold, when the sun is shining, it does help with the attitude.

Lots of snow this week… maybe that groundhog was right… 6 weeks more is about right… at least I hope so…