I have been having withdrawals… I don’t think that I truly have an addiction… but I may need to see a doctor 🙂

Last Friday was like any normal day. I went to the dentist to have some work done on a tooth. Afterwards, I did a little visiting in Budapest. I took a gift to the physical therapist and her associate who took such good care of me in January. I really couldn’t talk to them as the Novocain hadn’t worn off. 🙂

I went to a mall and did some price checking on some clothing. However, I have discovered that I cannot wear most of the clothing in Europe, especially pants. And, of course, they are expensive!

After the Novocain finally wore off, I treated myself to some pizza at Pizza Hut. I got to witness to the waiter who spoke just enough English to understand me! Boy, do I love Meat Lover’s pizza at PH!

I finally made it back to the Eden House (the place where we stay in Budapest for medical appointments). I downloaded some stuff, turned off the computer and visited with people there since I would be leaving early the next morning.

Later, when I decided to pack I thought I would check email and when I turned on the computer, it did not come on. I just saw a blank semi-white screen. So I turned off the computer and tried it again. Same thing happened. By now, I am a little worried.. (no , a lot worried!!!)

I let it set for a while, turned it on and same thing. I take the computer downstairs to the office and look up Apple’s support number. I call them and the rep tries several things with me to no avail. Now I am a little frustrated. I just bought the computer in August when I was home. It too early for something to go wrong!

So, when I arrived in Kyiv on Saturday, I took it to the Apple store in town. They tried rebooting the computer with their discs. Nothing. So they gave me the address for the service center that would be open on Monday…

Monday, the tech tells me the Motherboard is fried. I purchased a 3 year worldwide warranty on my computer. However, when I spoke with Apple support on Monday night, I discovered that “worldwide” doesn’t really mean “worldwide.” I was beginning to feel like I was in the twilight zone.

By now, I was a little more than frustrated (wink, wink). It had been 3 days without a computer to call my own. Tuesday I go back to the service center. They tell me it isn’t my motherboard but the hard drive, which, for me is worse as this means I will probably lose all my data on the HD!!! Why didn’t I back it up???

So, I decided to get the computer fixed now and pay for it. Then I will fight with Apple about this useless warranty (it won’t cover anything in Ukraine or Kazakhstan as they have separate agreements with Apple)…

Well, Andrei said the computer would be ready around 5 pm, then 6. I show up at 6:15 and he says he needs more time. Well, I left the service center at 8:15 pm with computer in hand. I am typing on it now…

The shock of not having something to type on while it sits on my lap has subsided and my normal state is returning… Does it sound like I had withdrawals??? 🙂

Now, Apple, don’t ever let this happen again!!!