This morning as I thought about how busy my next 4 weeks will be, my mind thought of the song we sang last week during a conference I attended.  I turned on my tv, tuned into youtube and found the video:

The imagery in the video is fantastic, and if you pay attention, the video was shot in one continuous take.

I wept as I sung the words.  I just returned from my latest PET scan last evening.  There is always some uncertainty and nervousness associated with these scans.  What will be the results?

However, this morning, I received a message from someone wanting to know more about a situation inside the war zone.  Her church wanted to help.  So, my mind flows directly to why I am here.

He is worthy!

Here are some of the lyrics:

Does the Father truly love us? He does!

Does the Spirit move among us? He does!

And does Jesus, our Messiah hold forever those He loves? He does!

Does our God intend to dwell again with us? He does!

All the nervousness, all the uncertainty, all the days when I don’t feel well, I must continually remind myself… He is worthy!

So, watch the video on full screen (or on your tv), turn up the sound and worship because…


He is Worthy!