“I didn’t know if I was worthy.”  Those words were spoken by one of the brothers in our small group tonight in context as to whether or not he should be a part of our new group.  I sat there spellbound listening to him, as you see, I was thinking those some thoughts earlier in the day in a different situation.

I wonder how often Christians feel unworthy?  As I sat and listened to my brother share his heart, he explained the steps he went through and how the Lord took him to the point where he understood that he was to be a leader in the group.  It was great to hear him explain the vision God has laid on his heart for a group in Donetsk.

Hearing his words also solidified in my heart what I knew I needed to do as well.

Tonight was a pivotal night in the formation of our group.  Several of our guys are students at Kiev Seminary and have been gone for a two week session and so tonight was the first time we have met in a couple of weeks.  One of the guys challenged us with some things he learned during the session and I think it was crucial for everyone to hear his words.

I am really the only “outsider” in the group.  The rest of the group is from one church and have grown up together in the church.  But, tonight, I sensed that we grew and molded into a group that I haven’t seen in the past.  It was neat to see everyone visiting after the meeting.

Some of them live as much as 45 minutes from my apartment, but it didn’t seem like anyone was in a hurry to go home.  That is a great sign.  Please pray for us as we seek God’s vision for building His church in Donetsk.  To Him goes all that is worthy!

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  1. It is encouraging to hear of our students “getting it” and “taking it back to their group”. Thanks for sharing this, Joe… and we pray for the Lord to continue to do great things in your group.

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