You are there…

There is a song in Russian that I have grown to love during the last few months. The church I attend in Dnipro sings it often and as I was preparing to teach from Psalm 139 for our retreat, the Lord reminded me of the song (since it is taken from Psalm 139).

I listen to this song often and have begun the idea of translating it so that I can sing it in English. It has a beautiful melody…

Here is a loose translation:

You have covered me, behind and before
You lay Your Hand upon me
No matter where I go, You are always with me
I cannot hide from your Spirit

If I go up into Heaven, Your there O Lord
If I go down into Hell, Your there O Lord
If lifted up on the wings of the dawn,
Even there guided by You, Your loving hand.

This song has helped me in the past few months. It speaks of an assurance that we can have that no matter where we go, no matter what situation we may find ourselves in, God is with us. In the months (soon to be one year) since leaving Donetsk, I have needed the words of this Psalm.

One again, the Lord reminds me that He has promised to be beside me. And once again, I have needed this assurance…