Zero Days!

Twenty five years ago today, I began a journey from Wichita Falls. My mom and middle sister, Nola, drove me to DFW airport. In yesterday’s post, I made the comment that “I Surrender All” was new and popular on the radio. In my journal, I made another mention that it was the last song I heard on the radio as we arrived at DFW.

I remember sitting in the International Terminal in Chicago. They had flags from various countries hanging from the rafters. I felt like a child in awe. Here was this person who grew up in a very small town (Ukrainian-sized village) about to cross the Atlantic to live.

I had to raise my own support at that time and had a difficult time. Trusting the Father to provide was a huge step of faith for me. But Pastor Larry B at Faith BC in Wichita Falls was so instrumental in helping me understand to trust the Father. He had encouraged me to read a few books about living out faith. They definitely helped!

I wrote these words,

Tomorrow, I will arrive in Kyiv, Ukraine for the first time…