Zhenya came by to see me today. He had an empty bag in his hands so I knew his family needed food.

I met Zhenya last month when he and his sister were going door to door to ask for food. After my last contact with him I was very happy to see him.

I didn’t have any food to give him, so I took him to the little grocery store near the house and bought a few things for him. Then I bought us an ice cream and we came back to the bench near the apartment and sat there and ate and talked.

My heart really hurts for him and his family. He says that he lives with his grandmother, and his two sisters. He says he attends Grace church in Karaganda which is a big Charismatic church here.

He also told me that tomorrow is his birthday. I don’t know how much of his story I believe but I know the Lord has told me to help. So, tomorrow I am going to take him to a restaurant for lunch (that is if he shows up!).

Pray for Zhenya and his family.